Voters are still waiting for a Congress that can govern



According to a survey that was conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News, 68% of voters were of the opinion that the United States was moving in the wrong direction. Similarly, a poll analysis conducted by CNN and ORC International also came out with the same poll results that 68% of the American people were angry at the state of affairs in the country at present. Thus, the American public is in a foul mood as the midterm elections approachE Day. While the exact root cause of the problem is not clear, the despair of the public is certainly puzzling.

The cause of the problem is not easily visible

Even though the financial condition of the country is not what it was in its heyday with the level of wages still stagnating, the economy of the country has certainly shown a gradual growth for 4 years and many consider it to be better than the economy of Japan and Europe. At present, the unemployment figure is hovering at the 5.9% mark, which is a drastic fall from 10% during the Great Recession. Additionally, even the price of gas is at one of its lowest levels. With regards to threats – Ebola to Islamic State – to the lives of the American citizen, they are not difficult for the administration to manage.

Rising distrust and discontent among the people

Nevertheless, the primary reason for the rising discontent among the public can be found in their growing belief that the political institutions of the country cannot rise above their political leanings. According to the poll results brought out by the ABC News and Washington Post survey, 60% of voters have expressed that they no longer trust the decisions of the US administration. Likewise, the CNN-ORC survey putsthis percentage at 74%. At the same time, while voters may blame politicians for the deadlock, they fail to acknowledge the fact that elected representatives as a rule follow the desires of their electorate.

At the same time, voters have also begun to realize that the number of unexpressed difficulties that the country is facing at the moment can only be addressed with legislative compromise.Lawmakers who are able to understand the sentiment need to seize the opportunity immediately. In view of this, candidates from both sides of the political ideology have expressed their willingness to work hand in hand during this election season.


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