Call To Honor HHS Grad Who Died Defending His Country


With the month of May upon us we American citizens have two very unique opportunities to support and honor our veterans and service personnel. May 21 is Armed Forces Day and May 30 is Memorial Day. The American Legion Auxiliary Post 157 has started a petition with the city of Horicon to name a new street after Michael J. Fitz.

We currently have more than 400 signatures from people all over the United States supporting this petition. February 27 marked the 25th Anniversary death of Pvt. Michael J Fitz. Michael and his family moved here in 1988 from Iron Ridge. Michael graduated from Horicon High School. Michael was just 19 years of age at the time of his death.

Emails have been sent out to the alderpeople and mayor with only two alderpeople reaching out in support of this petition. We are going to continue to gather the support of the community to do the right thing. We feel this is something that the city of Horicon needs to take seriously. As we continue to gather support for this cause we need the help of all the citizens in the city of Horicon to show their support. Please call or email the mayor and tell him that he needs to take action and grant this request.

Why is the city of Horicon not embracing this opportunity to do the right thing? Anyone interested in signing the petition or wanting additional information can
phone 920-344-5872.

Appreciation in advance for your support of Elaine Fitz, a “Gold Star Mother.” Sincerely, Amy M. Acup American Legion Auxiliary Post 157

Robert Lewis

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