Lomira Wins Home Opener Behind Dominant Rushing Attack


The Lomira-Campbellsport rivalry had something more than bragging rights at stake during last Friday’s football game. In conjunction with both fire departments and first responders, the teams were battling for the fire axe, a new annual tradition between the two teams.

The Lomira-Campbellsport rivalry had something more than bragging rights at stake during last Friday’s football game. In conjunction with both fire departments and first responders, the teams were battling for the fire axe, a new annual tradition between the two teams.

The Lions will keep the axe in Lomira for the first year after their 38-7 victory. “That was part of the gameplan because we knew we had to come out hot to get on them quick,” Lomira Head Coach Shane Obrigewitch said. “We did some good things, but we also did some things that we have to clean up. We ran the ball pretty darn well and our defense was solid.” ‘Pretty darn solid’ is certainly one way to describe a rushing performance that tallied 295 yards as team.

After their first drive stalled out, the Lions responded in a big way. That was after one of Logan Luedtke’s 50- yard punts on the evening. Luedtke had three punts on the night, averaging 49.3 yards per punt. “Logan had a whale of a game for us,” Obrigewitch said. “You want to talk about flipping the field? He had three kicks inside the 10.” With about five minutes remaining in the first quarter, Lomira’s Collin Yanke took one 62 yards to the house for the game’s first score.

Yanke ran wild all night on the Campbellsport defense, finishing the game with 155 yards and three touchdowns on just seven carries. Obrigewitch credited Yanke’s vision for the big night on the ground. “Collin is running the ball tough right now,” he said. “He has great vision and runs where the play is designed, but as soon as the defense over pursues, he cuts it back.” Through two games, Yanke is the team’s leading rusher with 247 yards.

Lomira’s rushing attacked continued to shine and scored less than a minute later after Yanke’s touchdown on a 38-yard run from Abe Helsell. With just under a minute to play in the first quarter, Yanke struck again for his second touchdown with a 50- yard rush. Lomira led 20-0 after one quarter of play. After rushing for nearly 650 yards in the first two games, Obrigewitch said his offensive line is doing a great job blocking until the whistle. “What’s really impressive is they blocked play side like they are supposed to, but backside they are getting down field and were running people past the hole,” he said.

“That was the big difference, the backside blocking and cutoff clocks because that really opened up the big plays.” Lomira’s passing attacked, although seldom used, showcased its bigplay ability against the Cougars. Quarterback Zach Dewhurst found Jesse Weber along the sideline for a 56-yard touchdown to start the scoring in the second quarter for the Lions. It was Weber’s lone catch on the night and just one of three completions for Dewhurst.

Dewhurst finished 3-for-5 with 83 yards and that one score. Although his passing attempts through two games (10) may indicate he hasn’t been involved in the offense, Obrigewitch said Dewhurst’s command of the offense doesn’t always reflect that in the box score. “He runs the offense like a drill sergeant,” Obrigewitch said. “He’s got people going where they need to go and he’s making the right reads.” Obrigewitch pointed out one specific play during the first half that was an example of why Dewhurst has earned the command of the huddle. “He stiffed-armed one kid [on a run] and 22 yards later he ran over another kid,” Obrigewitch said. “That was impressive.”

While it’s easy to focus on Lomira’s pair of strong offensive performances to start 2019, its defense is off to an equally impressive start. Through two games, the defense has allowed only seven points, which came with the game decided against Campbellsport. “We’re doing a really good job up front,” Obrigewitch said. “Our front three are taking on double teams and when they take on double teams, it allows the kids behind them to run around and get where the ball is going. It makes everything around everyone else easier.”

Weber led the team in tackles with seven and Avery Johnson had the team’s only sack in the win. Obrigewitch said he’s liked the pace in which the team has played on both sides of the ball so far. “What I really like about these guys is if we make a mistake, we make it going 100 miles an hour,” he said. “We don’t make tentative mistakes where you run up and miss somebody and then just stand around. I’m okay with mistakes as long as they’re not lack of effort mistakes, and we have not had many of those.”

After starting 2-0 for the first time in nearly 20 years, Obrigewitch said the focus needs to continue to be at the task at hand rather than any future projections. “Teams that have not had a lot of success in the past can very easily become their own worst enemy,” he said. “You win a couple of games and all of a sudden we’re kings of the world. It goes from very low to very extremely lofty on a turn of a dime, so what we have to do is keep everyone grounded.”

The Lions will have their first conference game of 2019 against North Fond du Lac (0-2) this Friday night at 7 p.m. Despite this being NFDL’s first conference game in nearly three years, Obrigewitch said his team needs to come out with the same intensity it has for the first two weeks. “They will be coming out fired up and ready for action,” Obrigewitch said. “They are fully capable and they are starting to put it together, so we cannot afford to give them any success because if you do, they are dangerous.”

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