Kobe Bryant Can Stop Chasing Michael Jordan After Passing Him On NBA’s Career Scoring List!



Relentless Tenacity Needed To Catch Up With Jordan

For the last few years, Kobe Bryant had been chasing the record of Michael Jordan and on Sunday, he finally passed him for the third position on the career scoring list of NBA. The game was between Los Angeles Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves where that latter won 100-94. Bryant admitted that it needed a focused mentality to reach the achievement. According to him, “I think the competitive nature is something that frightens a lot of people when you peel back truly what’s inside of a person to compete and be at that high level,” “It scares a lot of people that are just comfortable being average.”

Bryant Channels His Darker Side To Achieve Success

For Bryant, it is important to be a little bad in order to intimidate ones competitors. He gave the example of Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech where the latter had ticked off all the people who had tried to obstruct his way to fame. He said that he was not like Derek Jeter who could control his darker side. Rather he called a spade a spade and that had earned him a lot of enemies. However, he had many awe struck fans like Andrew Wiggins as well who could not stop gushing about his hero.

Two More Hurdles To Cross

Now with the 3rd position under his belt, Bryant is aiming at the very top. Two hurdles stand in his way and they are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who has 38,387 points and Karl Malone with 36,928. Of course, even if he is unable to surpass the records of these two legends, passing Jordan is a great achievement in itself. He had been trying to do this for the last 20 years and finally, he has succeeded.


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