Jimmy Graham was the star in the Saints and Titans match



During the match between the Saints and Titans, Jimmy Graham paired several of his touchdown catches with basketball shots and on both occasions, the football player was shown penalty flags because of his unsportsmanlike behavior. As a result of such action, the NFL had banned such forms of acts on field because in the previous year, a basketball shot altered the shape of one of the goal posts leading to a delay in the game. The Friday night game was the second preseason game for the team and the score after the match was 31-24 with the Tennessee Titans losing the match to the Saints.

Although the crowd was supportive of Graham, Sean Payton, the coach of the Saints expressed his displeasure after the football player performed his second basketball shot. After the game, Graham avoided the media and simply escaped into the locker room. In his remarks to the media, the coach said that he was not only disappointed with Graham’s penalizations but also with the team’s performance namely the twenty-two flags drawn during the game for the 184 yards. He commented, “It’s the first sign of a team that has no discipline, and that’s the first sign of poor coaching. … I’m very upset.”

Although the coach was not happy with his on-field conduct, his teammates had come out with conflicting responses.   Following his resistance to the period of offseason performance, the four year contract that will fetch him $40 million has come during the time when the NFL player is seen to be perfect shape and boasting of five catches that includes the six and nineteen yards TDs for the 48 yards.

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