Saving St. Mary’s signs stolen or damaged


Sandria L. Moncada
City of Pewaukee

There has been a rash of stolen signs off private property. At first glance you would say “its just kids”. But guess what? It’s not kids. From the main street of Pewaukee to Lindsay Road the signs are gone or stomped down.

Now who would do such a thing? Especially have the nerve to come onto someone’s private property. People are very passionate about this subject and paid money to buy these signs. People are feeling very violated.

Not only is it theft but it could be criminal damage to property. Now one would ask “who would do such a thing if it’s not kids”? We have an idea. We have installed cameras and have a VERY GOOD description of our thief.

Yes, unfortunately it’s not kids but an adult female. We have filed complaints with the Pewaukee Police Department as well as turned over the pictures. I’m proud to say our organization Citizens to Save St. Mary’s have been very professional and only deal in facts not lies. I wish the other parties to do the same.

We have over 5,000 signatures to stop this from happening. We are working to get AGAPE back into St. Mary’s where they care for it like the historic holy place it is and stop the big development from devouring our land and get single family homes on the property where Pewaukee families can flourish.

Lisa Drew

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