Museum Art Classes


 The OC Museum is offering art classes this summer. Everything is furnished at $10 per session and students only need have a 3-ring binder for notes.

Adults want to paint and lessons include some basic drawing, watercolor, acrylic, pastel and watercolor pencils.

Young students will study some basics and get entrees ready for the OC Fair, using various media.

Examine this schedule, choose a time and call to enroll in the one of your choice. It only takes 4 to make a class and we will work with the times that come together.

Tues. 10:30 am   open

Tues.   1:30 pm   Homeschool group

Tues.   3:00 pm   Young people

Thurs.  8:00 am   Clay

Thurs.10:30 am   Adult

Thurs.  3:00 pm   Young people


Call Marti at 731-885-6774 or 796-0456 to enroll or for information. Classes are in the OC Museum, 1004 Edwards St. Union City. Fees go to help the  Museum.

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