Lomira’s Valedictorian And Salutatorian Found Balance Between Academics And Athletics On Way To Top Of Class


The valedictorian and salutatorian for Lomira’s Class of 2016 had more in common that just excelling in the classroom.

Valedictorian Haley Cole and Salutatorian Ally Boev-ers were also teammatesthroughout their time at LHS, and both experienced much success both on and off the court. The two were on the 2015 softball team that made it to the State semifinals and were basketball teammates this past season.

Cole, a four-year varsity basketball player, said the success in athletics was memorable but finishing at the top of her class is something she will always cherish.

“It is definitely a huge confidence booster, but also a motivator to keep striving for greatness as I continue in school and eventually in my future career,” she said. “It took a lot of priority balancing and time management to ensure I had time for all of my classes as well as sports.”

For Boevers, finishing in the top two took a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

“Staying in the top two spots of my class is one of my biggest accomplishments because it shows the hours of dedication and time that I spent studying and working on my school-work,” she said. “As I came into high school, I knew that it was going to be hard work so right from the start of freshmen year, I began learning good study habits and would give 110 percent on every assignment. I also stayed at home and worked on homework even when I could’ve been out with my friends.”

Throughout her time at LHS, Cole was involved with student council, National Honor Society, international club, sportsmanship committee and the yearbook committee. She was a member of the jazz band and was involved with youth leader-ship and Relay For Life in addition to playing volleyball, basketball and soft-ball.

Cole said there were two things that stood out when thinking about what accomplishments meant most to her while in school.

“Doing well in AP calculus and also going to State for softball were my biggest accomplishments,” she said.

For Boevers, she was also a member of the sportsmanship committee, international club, student council, NHS and the jazz band in addition to basketball, softball and volleyball. While she said she enjoyed being involved in all of those, participating in athletics will be something she will miss the most.

“I enjoyed being involved in all of those activities, but I enjoyed playing volleyball and softball the most out of all that I was involved in,” she said. Boevers added that being salutatorian proved to herself that she was capable of accomplishing anything.

“This accomplishment means to me that if I put my mind to something, I know that I will be able to accomplish it,” she said. “It also means to me that even if I don’t end up exactly where I want, I still know I worked my hardest to get there and I will still be proud of myself.

This will be important for my future because it has taught me to always work hard and never give up.” When the two were not succeeding in the classroom or on the court, Cole enjoyed reading, painting and listening to good music in her free time.

She also enjoyed spending her spare time with her family and shooting hoops with her little brother. Boevers enjoyed spending her free time sketching, painting and enjoying the outdoors adventuring in addition to watching movies and making art.

When asked to provide advice for younger students, Boevers said when it comes to getting involved in different things, the more the merrier. “Always get involved,” she said. “Not only do you learn useful skills such as time management and teamwork, but you meet so many new and interesting people that you may not have talked to or met otherwise.”

Cole’s advice centers around taking the time to enjoy the simple things during high school. “Life is way too short to be stressing out all the time, [so] just relax,” she said. Both Cole and Boevers will be attending UW-Madison in the fall. Cole will pursue a degree in biology with the hopes of becoming a pediatrician someday. Boevers will be studying to pursue a career in either interior architecture or accounting.

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