Lab Rats Busy at Carr Elementary


Fourth grade students at Carr Elementary have been busy working in the science lab with Jason Lindsey, The Science Guy.  Students in Mrs. Hendrix’s class meet monthly after school for action packed, hands on science investigations.  The Lab Rats receive supplemental science instruction and valuable experience working in lab situations.

Weather was the topic for this week’s Lab Rats.  Mr. Lindsey gave a detailed explanation of weather systems and fronts to the group.  The Lab Rats then got busy learning about specific weather related topics including clouds, precipitation, and lightning.  The Lab Rats assisted in the creation of a cloud that enveloped half of the classroom, and they also generated a lightning bolt using special science equipment.  The students even made artificial snow at the end of their session.

The Lab Rats will meet one more time this year to study motion.  Mr. Lindsey will lead the session on motion using the popular Angry Birds to help teach the concepts.  Each child will receive their own science experiment to take home at the conclusion of the Lab Rats after school program.

Mac Kelly

Mac has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Averett University. From Virginia, he moved to New York in 2011 to start a family and to work as a psychology instructor. Now, he writes health and lifestyle news for Beacon Transcript. Right now, Parker also works as a part-time voice coach.

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