How To Cook The Thanksgiving Turkey


– As Told By the Farmington Elementary School Second Graders 

First you kill a turkey or buy one. Second you take the plastic off. Next you take the hard plastic inside the turkey out. Then you put it in the oven and wait a little. Last you take it out and eat it.

– Jonas Alan Krenzke First put it in an oven for 300 minutes. Next take it out and put spices on it. Last eat it. – Tristan Czarapata First you put the turkey in a cage. Next you open the cage on a pan. Then you put the fire on. Last you put it in the oven and then is the best part.

You eat it. – Matthew Knoeck

1. Get a gun, then hunt a turkey. Cook the turkey.

2. And then let it cool down. Put some butter on it.

3. Eat it and then hunt another one.

– Lucas Vig First you need to kill the turkey. Next you need to take the feathers off it. Then you take out the insides. Then you put it in the oven.

Last you take it out and eat it. – Veronica Hoell First get a pot and put it on the stove. Next get the turkey and put it in. Start cooking. Finally take it out. Be careful.

This is how my family makes a Thanksgiving dinner. First we get the turkey. Second we have to cut the fat off. Third, we stuff it. Fourth, we put it in and out of the oven. Fifth, we put seasoning on it. Six, we eat it! -Logan Christian This Thanksgiving me and my family are going to make some turkey.

First my grandpa buys it from the store. Then my grandma washes it. Next my grandma calls me over to stuff the turkey and put seasoning on it. Then we put it in the oven. Then I go stare at the turkey and go play on the phone. When it’s done we eat it. The end.

-Maya Schmitz This is how my family makes a thanksgiving turkey. First me and my sister and mom get the turkey at Piggly Wiggly. Next me and mom and Grace put veggies and seasoning on.

Then Mom puts the turkey in the oven. When the turkey is cooking we make mashed potatoes. Next we make sure that it’s cooked enough. After we let it dry. Finally, we eat the turkey. -Landon Thill This is how my grandma makes Thanksgiving turkey.

First she buys the turkey. Next she puts it in the freezer. Then she cooks it. Then check it. Then if it is not cooked she puts it back in. Then when me, Mom and Dad get there I play. Dad and Mom talk to Grandma. Last, when it’s done we eat.

-Madison Reith This is how my grandpa cooks the Thanksgiving turkey. First my grandpa goes home to cook the Thanksgiving turkey. Second, once the Thanksgiving turkey is done cooking he plates the Thanksgiving turkey. Third, my family comes over.

Then we have dessert. We stay and talk, then go home. -Isabelle Boyung This is how my family cooks a Thanksgiving turkey. First my mom goes to Costco and gets a turkey. Then she washes the turkey and then my mom puts the turkey in the oven.

Then my mom puts stuffing and seasoning on. Some time my mom turns on the light in the oven so then I watch it. -Phoebe Reysen This is how my family makes the best Thanksgiving turkey ever. First my dad gets it from Piggly Wiggly. Next my mom puts it in the oven.

Then she takes it out of the oven. It smells good in the kitchen. After she carries it over to the table. Last we eat it. “Yum,” I said. And that is how my family makes the best Thanksgiving turkey ever.

The end. -Quinn Decker We have vegetables. For Thanksgiving we have some beans. They are green and delicious. We have mashed potatoes and gravy. For dessert we have pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top.

-Izaak Wergin I go to Walmart with Mom to get the turkey and go in the car to go home. Mom cooks the turkey. Then it’s done. Then we eat the turkey. -Tyson Keller Second-grade teachers at Farmington Elementary School are Lauren Trautner and Allie Hauptli.

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