Fulton Police Department Junior Police Academy


The Fulton Police Department is accepting applications for the Junior Police Academy Cadet Class 2. The Junior Police Academy is a course that has been designed by the officers of the Fulton Police Department. The Junior Police Academy is a character-building program that will prepare the cadet for the challenges of a career in law enforcement. The course is designed to give the cadet hands on experience of the duties of a law enforcement official.


Classes may include:

  1. Physical Fitness requirements
  2. Traffic Stops/DUI Enforcements
  3. Building Search Techniques
  4. Crime Scene Investigation/Evidence Collection
  5. Mock Court Trail
  6. Homicide Investigation

The Course is open to all students in 9th-12th grades.

In interested contact Sgt. Justin Purcell or Ptl. Shawn Scoggin at the Fulton Police Department at 270-472-3141

Applications are available at the Fulton Police Department located at 340 Browder Street Fulton, KY.

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