What should go in next City Hall time capsule?


New collection of items to be sealed in January 2021 –

WAUKESHA — When contractors started preparing the foundation for the new City Hall, they found a surprise — a time capsule buried in 1966 following the completion of the existing hall. Located beneath the flag pole, the capsule contained a variety of items from the city’s past.

There were photos of the surrounding streets, peopled with old signs and old cars; copies of The Freeman; plans for the former City Hall, which had started out as a hospital; and scores of city documents, like zoning and land use maps; and lists of elected officials and staff who were working for the city at that time.

Now city staff are asking what should go in the capsule that will be sealed when the new City Hall is completed in January 2021. Attendees of last week’s Common Council, where many of the 1966 items were displayed, suggested things pertinent to city government, like photos of the existing City Hall’s interior, photos of department heads, and a USB drive containing all the city permits and codes. But social media users who commented on Facebook posts made by the city and The Freeman had some more adventurous ideas.

Kathy King Genghler said she would like to see photos of city residents enjoying some of Waukesha’s parades and events. She also proposed including drone photos or videos that could give future residents an clearer understanding of what the city looks like now.

Mark Kinowski jokingly suggested including a Ponza Rotta, while David Mulqueen suggested including “something” from Raised Grain Brewery. One of the most popular suggestions came from Al Yerke, who proposed including some of the best items from the city’s police blotter. It is not clear where the new time capsule will be placed or if it will be buried like the 1966 time capsule. The new City Hall is currently being constructed in a former parking lot next to the existing hall.

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