Village Board Discusses Cleanliness Issues At Municipal Building


With the current cleaning company’s contract set to be terminated on June 2, the Lomira Village Board addressed why it would not be renewing the contract and what it will do next during the May 11 meeting. The Village was contracting with Coverall for its cleaning services for roughly $1,000 a month for a cleaning twice a week.

What started out as a functional relationship between the Village and Coverall has been anything but over the past several months, according to Village Clerk Jenna Rhein. “The cleaner was doing a really good job, the best we’ve had, to start but then things started turning last fall. We’ve been getting skipped and haven’t been getting cleaned,” she said.

“I just don’t get it because when she started she was fantastic. The real kicker to terminate the contract was that I was receiving complaints from the public about how poor the building looked.” The community room inside the building is frequently rented out to residents, which is why, Rhein said having the building throughly cleaned on a regular basis is important. “We rent out the community room almost every weekend and people pay for it, and when the building is looking terrible we just can’t have that,” she said.

“We have a beautiful building that we rent out so it should look nice, and for $1,000 a month, it should be maintained.” Village employees and residents were not the only ones to notice the uncleanliness of the building. Lomira Police Chief Chris Mireski, whose department is also located in the municipal building, said he and his staff have also noticed the ongoing issues. “Floors aren’t getting mopped and things are not getting cleaned,” he said.

“I know this for a fact because I purposely put a water spot on the floor and that spot has been there for over two months. There’s also been dead bugs in the elevator for over a year.” The tentative plan is to hire two to three people for six to ten hours a week, which will cost the same or a little less than what the Village is currently paying. If interested in the position, contact or stop in at the Village office. Village President Tony Schraufnagel said not only will the change be better for the Village, it also will provide an opportunity for the Village to put the money back into the community rather than contracting with an outside business.

“We are on the third cleaning service since we’ve had the building. Jenna and I have talked a lot about this over the last six months and there still are a bunch of problems,” he said. “We’ve tried commercial cleaners so why don’t we take that money and see if we could intrigue someone in the Village. We thought if we are going to spend $1,000 a month let’s see if we can’t get it back to someone in the community and still meet our standards.”

For what they were paying and the service they received, or lack there of, Rhein said the termination was needed. “For $1,000 a month, why are we paying for this when it is horrible?” she said. “The Village should not have to pay for a service that is not keeping up with what we were told we would have.”

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