Sun, rain and snow all expected this week


WAUEKSHA — The last five days have brought sunshine, 70-degree weather and rain, but a week in Wisconsin wouldn’t be complete without a little snow, which could arrive Wednesday.

According to the Milwaukee/ Sullivan National Weather Service, today will be a bit cooler as a strong system begins to push into the region overnight and into Wednesday. That system, which is on its way from the Pacific, will bring rain and possibly snow.

However, as of Monday afternoon, meteorologists don’t know how much snow there will be in southeastern Wisconsin, said Rebecca Rogers, meteorologist at the Milwaukee/Sullivan National Weather Service. “Really it’s going to depend on the track of the system for how much, if any, that we’ll see,” Rogers said. “If it’s just a little further south, we could see more snow and if it’s further north, it could be more rain.”

Rogers does expect significant snowfall some places in Wisconsin that could last into Friday morning. But residents in Waukesha County may luck out. “For the snow fall, it’s going to be more accumulation in the north,” Rogers said. “Looking at several inches, maybe even closer to a foot, if it sets up just right.” Due to the uncertainty in the forecast at this point, people should continue to check in, Rogers added.

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