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All, as an update, we submitted our grant application on time and A2H, our architectural firm who wrote the grant application is feeling good about the strength of our application.  Last week we had representatives from the State to examine the purposed area for the South Fulton downtown park and we walked away with good feelings about our exchange.  But for the next phase, we just found out that real political support could really help our cause.  So below you will see a “suggested email” to be sent to our State Representative, State Senator, and our State Governor.  Please email these 3 gentlemen at the addresses you find below, and tell them in your own words why South Fulton needs this park grant.  The sample email below will give you all the information you need to submit these 3 emails.  You can choose to copy and paste this sample email if that is easier.  But I really would prefer they all not be the same and you put in your own words what you want to say.  Whatever is easier for you, just do it.  We need a call to action here to let our political leaders hear loud and clear how badly we need and want this project.  Regardless of where you live, if you support this park project and might use this park, we could use your emails to these 3 gentlemen, because numbers do count.  I would love nothing more than to flood their inboxes about our park project.  If you would, please copy Thea at, just so she can keep a count of how many emails have been sent from the Twin Cities.

 -Jeff Campbell

So here goes:


Email Representative Bill Sanderson –

Senator Roy Herron –

Honorable Governor Bill Haslam –




RE: Local Parks and Recreation Fund Grant for the City of South Fulton, Tn.


I am writing you today asking for your active support, for the City of South Fulton, Tn grant application for a new proposed $500,000 park in our town.  South Fulton is one of the farthest north west towns in the state, in Obion County, Tn, resting on the Kentucky border.  Our town currently has no park or recreation facilities.  In the past, our town City Manager wanted to apply for this grant, but the City, like so many others, simply could not afford the 50% matching grant.  But that has changed with this new grant application.  It was with good fortune that one gentleman in our community stepped forward and offered to provide this local match.  His guarantee is included in our application.  The City of South Fulton has 16% of its people living below the poverty line.  Obion County, with the recent closure of Goodyear, now has over a 17% unemployment rate.  What community could be more deserving of a new park for citizens to enjoy, picnic, walk, workout and all for free, if this grant were to be approved.  I am respectfully requesting that you email, write, call or meet with representatives from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.  It is our understanding the gentleman who is responsible for making recommendations to the Governor on this grant allocation is Mr. Gerald Parish.  We believe Mr. Parish oversees the Recreation Educational Services division of TDEC.  We just hope and pray that our Tennessee representative, senator and governor will support this much needed asset for a community that so badly needs a “shot in the arm.”  Help us help our kids by giving them recreation facilities they will be proud of and use on a daily or weekly basis.  What better use of taxpayer and private citizen money than to provide a park, that all can use and be proud of.


Respectfully requested,


Mr. John Doe

Steve King

Steve lives in Fulton with his wife and one son. In 2010, he graduated from Eastern New Mexico University . Now, he writes software and gadget reviews and sport news for the team. During his free time, Steve coaches baseball to junior high school boys.

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