Peggy Hale Speaks to Local Rotary Club



Peggy Hale from the Genealogical Society was guest speaker recently for the Fulton-S. Fulton Rotary Club.  She talked about plans being made for the annual cemetery walk in Fulton on May 17nd.  She encouraged everyone to mark their calendar for this date.  There will be six actors and nine guides participating in this very popular event. “A lot of work goes in to researching the deceased individuals who are portrayed,” she said.  Two of the interesting characters depicted will be Addie and Nettie Paschall, eccentric sisters.  Costumes, props, and scripts are used to make local history come to life.  “This is only held one evening per year and lasts from 4-6 PM, so those who attend will want to come early,” Hale said.

Shown in the photo: Rotarians Amanda Joyner (L) and Elaine Allen (R).

Robert Lewis

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