Kentucky Asks Health Care Providers to Be Alert for Possible Swine Flu Cases


FRANKFORT, Ky. “We are closely monitoring developments involving swine flu cases in the United States, Mexico and abroad,” said Public Health Commissioner William Hacker, M.D. “We continue to provide information to health care providers and other stakeholders about this evolving situation, and are preparing for a wider response should that become necessary.”

While no cases have yet been identified in Kentucky, DPH is asking that physicians, hospitals, public health workers and other health care providers submit samples from any patient testing positive for influenza A or that a health care provider strongly suspects might be infected with swine flu to the State Public Health Laboratory for further testing. The State Public Health Laboratory can determine if the illness is caused by human influenza. Samples that require further evaluation will then be sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has the capability to determine whether a patient is infected with the new strain of swine flu.

Robert Lewis

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