Improvements being made at Hickman Animal Shelter


Fulton County Detention Center to provide daily work crew to care for animals

imagesSometimes it just takes a little bad publicity to get something accomplished. Just two days after publishing the article on the inhumane conditions at the Hickman Animal Shelter, improvements have already been made to the facility that was exposed by Fulton Kentucky News, and later featured on CNN.

On Monday the City of Fulton announced that it would no longer house any animals at the shelter until the conditions were improved and met state regulations. On the same day, Hickman City Manager instructed his staff to clean the facility and start making the needed improvements.

Fulton County Jailer Ricky Parnell has informed Fulton Kentucky News, that starting July 7, 2015, a crew of five inmates from the Fulton County Detention Center will be at the shelter daily to ensure the animals are being properly cared for. The detention center already has a crew at the shelter assisting with the improvements.

According to Parnell, “Right now, I have a crew out there that is painting the inside walls with a block filler, so that water does not absorb in the walls. Also, from four feet down we are putting up a pvc 4 x 8 board so that we can wash it off and keep it clean.” Parnell added that they are in the process of installing an attic fan to draw a breeze through the windows that have been screened.

Fulton County Judge Executive David Gallagher has authorized Parnell to install a 6 foot fence outside the facility so the dogs will have room to exercise. Parnell said, “We will fix the food and water bowls so they will not turn over anymore and make a mess in their pens. After we get all of this work completed, Monday, I will have a crew of 5 inmates checking on, cleaning, and bleaching the pens in the morning around 8 a.m. and going back around 2 p.m. to check their food and water for the night.”

Parnell said that the fence will not be completed until the end of next week, and that Gallagher, Myatt, and Etherton are aware of the improvements being made, “We think with a little work and time, people will be proud of how these animals are kept and taken care of.”

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