Horicon Council Approves Proposed Extension Of EMS Agreement With Village Of Kekoskee


At the Tuesday, Aug. 27 City of Horicon Common Council meeting, the council approved an emergency medical service agreement with the Village of Kekoskee.

The agreement, which is ostensibly an extension of a prior arrangement between the two municipalities, would go into effect following Kekoskee’s approval and the culmination of the current contract, which runs through Sept. 31. The service area includes the land directly west of County Road Y and southwest and south of the City of Mayville.

The new agreement, just like the previous one, continues on a month-to-month basis not to exceed six months. The City of Horicon will receive $1,200 per month for its services, which is $200 more per month than the previous arrangement.

The need for EMS coverage comes from the Village of Kekoskee’s on-going negotiation with the City of Mayville, which has sought to renegotiate its emergency medical services agreement with Kekoskee following the village’s merger with the Town of Williamstown last year.

The City of Mayville contends that the Kekoskee/Williamstown merger (the former Town of Williamstown surrounds the City of Mayville) will have a negative affect on Mayville’s future growth. While the state approved the merger boundaries in 2018, earlier this year, a Dodge County judge rejected the change.

There is a stay on the decision, and the case remains open in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. Horicon Mayor Jim Grigg, before the council had voted, voiced his support of continuing an EMS agreement with Kekoskee. “Until it’s resolved between Kekoskee and Williamstown and the City of Mayville, I’d recommend that we still provide EMS coverage until they can resolve their issues,” said Grigg.

Grigg added that Village of Kekoskee President Don Hilgendorf voiced satisfaction with the service Horicon provided. The Horicon EMS agreement will be sent to Kekoskee to consider while it deliberates a standing offer from Mayville.

All Horicon Common Council alderpersons were in attendance for the meeting and all voted to approve the EMS contract as detailed. For more information on the proposed EMS agreement between Horicon and Kekoskee, visit the city’s website at cityhoriconwi.us or contact Horicon City Hall.

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