City to consider building animal shelter on Park Road


Once again the animal control issue in Fulton is up in the air, as no action was taken by the Fulton City Commission during their Wednesday meeting. City Manager Kenney Etherton stated that he had spoken to Hickman City Manager Larry Myatt, who indicated he was not interested in contracting the position out, because he was happy with the last contract arrangement.

Etherton presented a draft for the commission to consider. This will be to hire a private contractor to serve as animal control officer, and maintain the shelter to KRS standards, including proper feeding and cleaning of the shelter. Etherton stated that the city could lease the current animal control vehicle to the person chosen, which will be determined by bids received.

The City of Fulton is looking at constructing a shelter on city owned property located on Park Road. County Judge David Gallagher has stated that he had some materials which could be used for the construction. Commissioner David Prater asked, “Do we have any kind of ballpark idea what a facility like this would cost”? Etherton said at this time no firm estimate was available.

Kirk Vowell addressing the commission stated, “this is a pound, this is not a shelter’. Etherton replied, “Yes it’s a pound not a shelter”, to which Commissioner Farmer told Etherton, “There are no pounds in Kentucky; I wish you would realize that. KRS does not list a pound at all. Everything at KRS is a shelter”.

At the suggestion of Mayor Voegeli, the commission took no action pending a proposed meeting with the elected officials of Hickman and Fulton County concerning a joint operation. Voegeli stated, “Perhaps Mr. Myatt doesn’t speak with exactly what the City of Hickman has in mind”.

The commission took no action on leasing office space to the Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce. Voegeli suggested that he and Etherton meet with the South Fulton City Manager and Mayor before taking any action.


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