Worker Associated With Glass in Macdonald Case Awarded $437,000



Allegations of Police Officer Proved To Be False

A case dating back to 10 years where a police officer John Florio had accused a McDonald shop in New York of spiking his food with glass pieces saw a new turn. The worker Albert Garcia, who had served the officer, has been awarded a settlement of $437,000. The worker had argued that the officer had told a lie in order to extract money from the restaurant by suing the place. As Garcia, aged 28 now said, “I was thrilled when I found out,” “I really thought this wasn’t going to happen.” In fact that could have been the case if Florio had not filed a $6 million civil claim against the McDonald’s franchise owner about a week after the burger incident.

Lawyer of Garcia Found Inconsistencies

The claim gave Garcia’s lawyer Raymond Aab the chance to take the disposition of Florio and other officers and he found some glaring inconsistencies there. Calls made to Florio were not returned and his lawyer Richard Kenny said that he was unhappy that his accusations were termed as false. Florio had bought the burger from the drive thru window and while eating it in his car with his dog Dodger, he felt a sharp pain in his mouth and went to a Queens’s hospital emergency room.

No Symptoms of Swallowing Glass Seen

The doctors in the emergency room say that they had seen no sign that the officer had swallowed glass. Moreover, Florio had said that he had told the family doctor that he had seen glass pieces in his stool. The family doctor had however, said that the conversation never took place. Another fact was that Garcia was not even working at the time the burger delivery had taken place.

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