Statkraft: the first multi-megawatt-battery put into the electricity grid


Norwegian national energy company, Statkraft, announced Thursday that the company put its first multi-megawatt lithium ion battery into operation in Germany’s electric grid in Dorverden in Lower Saxony.

According to the announcement, the battery will contribute to the stabilization of the region’s power grid.

Statkraft has invested €4 million ($4.40 million) in the project to enable the battery to supply 3 megawatts of primary control power.

“The lithium-ion battery storage system consists of three transportable and redundantly constructed units over 1 megawatt of installed capacity,” the statement read.

The word “pouch” describes the way these cells, which are about as large as a A4 sheet of paper and just about 2cm wide, are built.

In accordance with the announcement, each of the cells of the battery storage possesses the capacity of roughly 150 iPhone 6-batteries.

In total (converted to iPhone batteries), Dorverden now has a capacity of a bit more than 2 million iPhone 6-batteries installed.

Pieter Schipper, senior vice president of continental assets and market access at Statkraft, said that the percentage of renewable power generation is increasing and thus will require flexible solutions to harness its capacity into the grid.

“Lithium ion batteries are, due to their technical properties, perfectly suited for the quick balance of fluctuating generation from wind and solar power,” he said and added that the prices for batteries are regressive, which makes them suitable for demanding control reserve tasks.

The statement said the battery was developed in close cooperation with the company ads-tec GmbH, a developer and manufacturer of industrial IT systems, and is the first multi-megawatt battery in the grid area of TenneT TSO GmbH.

“We are particularly pleased with the cooperative and confiding coordination with transmission system operator TenneT, and the project’s execution in partnership with our supplier ads-tec GmbH,” Schipper said.

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