Dyno’s Final Lap Chosen As Lomira Area Chamber Of Commerce Featured Business Of The Month


Dyno’s Final Lap W2212 County Road Y Lomira, WI 53048 920-904-1942

Lisa Drew: What was your inspiration to work in this type of business?

Dennis Fell: I was a bartender for many years and eventually bought a place of my own.

LD: What is a brief description of what this business does and what kind of services it provides?

DF: It is a bar and grill and we sell sandwiches and pizza.

LD: What is your relationship with local businesses and organizations?

DF: We sponsor the Lomira Booster Club and two trap teams in Brownsville.

LD: What do you find the most challenging part of the job?

LD: I would say trying to get customers…[we] sponsor car shows and pool teams to help.

LD: What is the most rewarding part of the job?

DF: It would have to be socializing with people.

LD: What else should people know about your business?

DF: Dynos Final Lap is open from 10:30 a.m. to about 11 at night. The grill is hot during those times. People really like our homemade pizzas and quality burgers

Lisa Drew

Lisa has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management that she got from Cincinnati Christian University, where she graduated in 2008. After she graduated, she moved to Atlanta - Georgia and immediately started working as a human resource administrator. Now, she writes news stories for the Business & Financials, breaking news sections.

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