Quo vadis, Yamaha? Electronic sinks Maverick Viñales and Rossi mockingly
The result discreet men Yamaha in practice of MotoGP in Thai Buriram circuit has caused all kinds of comments about his situation. Clearly Yamaha drags a problem for months a localized problem and known by all, but fails to find the solution. And if they had enough, Maverick Viñales and Valentino Rossi have been clearly overcome by Johann Zarco and Tech 3 team with a version old of their bikes. How is it possible?

Each shows his disappointment as it feels. Rossi is ironic and mocking , but his rictus serious unequivocally expressed their discomfort. Viñales , younger and impetuous, says what he feels, but then, when calm, qualifies his words. In Buriram he complained that Yamaha had softened too much engine response, but later corrected. But his laconic balance, "have been the worst test since I got on the Yamaha" was sincere and heartfelt, but must be understood within the context of a disappointing workday.

The quebraderos head in Yamaha began last year. On the first day of the Grand Prix (May 18) pilots, in a majority, they decided to change the housing front tire, a change driven by Rossi himself. Only Jorge Lorenzo , Maverick Viñales and Loris Baz voted against. From that moment, the problems of traction Yamaha, critical high temperature , were increased as coming in the summer, and then started talking about the frame of the bike. Rossi defended the use of frame- the wearing Zarco- 2016 because the rear tire less stressed out and made it easier to pilot. And looking for solution forlack of traction the path explored frame.

Understanding e

When they started the problems and solutions were sought, he did not hit the first, and the problem has led to different elements of the bike. It has stirred both the YZR M1 which has lost its balance. And precisely this era, many say, the bike more balanced category. We know that electronics is the key to failure, but exploring other avenues for solutions has been touched weight distribution, the rigidity of the chassis, engine response, the electronic management , absolutely everything. And he lost perspective.

Nobody likes to say he does not know how to solve a problem, but the reality is that Yamaha has you choking electronics since the arrival of the only unit in 2016. It is the manufacturer that has cost more to adapt to the ECU Magneti Marelli , far more than Honda, who in 2016 lived an ordeal until midseason, worse than what is happening now Yamaha. The difference is that through the efforts of Marc Márquez, his determination and his courage, was achieved disguise the situation.

Yamaha suffered two breaks of engine in Mugello 2016 -Lorenzo in the 'warm up' and Rossi on race- problems with management ECU, by failure in adjusting the limiter of the electronic control system.

Lack of traction

The problem suffered by Yamaha is the lack of traction, and has changed to improve engine response with a new electronic management which smoothes power delivery. But not meet its pilots, with very different styles, because what is out Rossi needs strong curves, while for Viñales strong is the corner entry , and no one gets to be comfortable. It is clear that everyone will look their way, but considering that you can only approve a single engine configuration and the moment what is satisfies neither Rossi nor Viñales, the ballot has Yamaha is important.

But not dramatize . A year ago who passed through hell were Honda and Ducati. Before Dovizioso won at Mugello and Catalunya, Italian complaints were important and very critical. He ended the fighting face to face with season Márquez who, like him, started 2017 with a thousand and one problems. Yamaha has room for improvement, but the countdown for the start of 2018 continues to progress.

Zarco, pea under the mattress

The problems seem bigger when you are a private pilot with a satellite bike -the theoretically lower engine rpm Zarco 800 rotates below the official engine Valentino Rossi and Viñales-, getting better regime than men factory, and also it is shown more than happy with the material Yamaha rents his team, Tech 3.

Zarco, who has tested both the frame 2016 and 2017, seems to have traction problems of riders. Perhaps it should be set to a small detail. Zarco came last year from Moto2, where they lack control systems in the premier class, so the Frenchman has no experience prior electronically pilots who have reached MotoGP before 2016. Zarco has only worked with the ECU Magneti Marelli and is not 'contaminated' by the use of more complex systems used until 2016. it has managed to adapt better , and that may explain many things.

Indeed, its origins in Moto2 will help serve. Underpowered and a lower level of grip, riders in the intermediate category have a special quality, an ability to find grip where there is none, and when they MotoGP, with more power and more grip, seems to have better capacity response to the lack of traction. That may explain why few drivers by betting in MotoGP, as Jonas Folger, sorprendieran for its adaptability. And here we have Takaaki Nakagami , one of the debutants this season, which may be the revelation of 2018.
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