Escaped School Shooter Recaptured By Police



Rearrested Within Hours

The main accused in the 2012 shooting at Chardon High School had escaped on Thursday from a Lima prison. The man, T.J. Lane, has been sent to prison on charges of killing 3 students mercilessly. The criminal was recaptured within a few hours of his escaping from the prison at around 7.45 pm. There were two other inmates who had escaped along with him. While Lane and another prisoner were captured, Clifford Opperud, aged 45, still evades arrest. According to the police, the escaped prisoners were not armed when they were captured. The police officials of Liam has requested the residents of the area not to put up Facebook statuses which gave away their position.

Victims’Families Relive the Day

Prisoner Clifford Opperud was in prison for kidnapping, burglary and aggravated robbery.  On 20th March 2013, the day Lane was sent to prison and not granted any parole, there was no remorse or sadness on his face. In fact, he had daringly worn a shirt which had ‘Killer’ scrawled over it. He was also smirking and making obscene gestures towards the family of those killed. He pleaded guilty and even mocked the family of those killed when they were addressing the court. Mother of victim Daniel Parmertor, Dina Parmertor called Lane “a pathetic excuse for a human being,” and a “vile coward.” She also wished he had a slow death.

Lane Was Tried As an Adult

Dina Parmertor had also said that she and her family still had nightmares and felt sick because of the crime. As she was recollecting the horrific incident sadly in court, the smirk on Lane’s face only increased. Another mother, Holly Walczak, whose son Nick Walczak had also died, condemned Lane as well. The case was tried in an adult court, prior to which Lane was declared to be mentally fit to stand trial even though he was supposed to be suffering from vivid hallucinations and psychosis. The judge, David Fuhry who had sentenced him had said that his lack of remorse and compassion were a significant contributing factor to his sentencing.

Lane’s Escape Instilled Fear in the Family of Victims

When the news of Lane’s escape became public, the families of his victims were thrown back to the day when he had entered the school with a knife and a .22-caliber pistol. He had then fired ten shots in the cafeteria and killed innocent children. Dina Parmertor expressed her fears on his escape and the Chardon Local School District suspended classes. However, all of it was ultimately unnecessary as he was caught within a few hours.


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