Albuquerque Police Department Bars Chief Deputy District Attorney From Attending Police Briefing!



Police Refuses Advice To Form Legal Team

On Tuesday, the spokesperson for Kari Brandenburg, who is the District Attorney for Bernalillo County, said that a Chief Deputy District Attorney was barred from attending a briefing in regard to Tuesday’s officer-involved shooting, which led to the death of one man. Spokesperson Kyla Anderson said that the DA’s office was explicitly told that the police did not require any kind of legal advice in regard to the incident during the briefing, and therefore, the legal expert was not welcome to attend the briefing.

Police Action A Breach Of Memorandum Of Understanding Between Departments

According to Anderson, there is a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the District Attorney’s Office and the Albuquerque Police Department, which makes the presence of the office mandatory during meetings such as the one that took place on Tuesday. Therefore, the action of the APD was a clear breach of this Memorandum of Understanding. In recent times, relations between Brandenburg’s office and the Albuquerque police department have not been too good, which may be a reason why the police took this decision, one which is sure to attract criticism.

Brandenburg Accused Of Bribery By Albuquerque Police Department

The reason for the strained relationship is that in December last year; the Albuquerque Police Department had accused Brandenburg of bribery in order to release her son from jail, and also of trying to intimidate witnesses. On the other hand, Brandenburg and her office filed charges against ex-officer Keith Sandy and APD officer Dominique Perez, both of whom are accused of killing a homeless camper named James Boyd in March 2014 on Monday, making it clear why the two sides cannot see eye to eye at this time.


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