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East Guta from the UN calls for immediate ceasefire

United Nations (UN) Human Rights High Commissioner Zaid Raad al-Hussein, Bashar Syria kept under blockade of the Assad regime East Gut A 'or on 4 February diagnosis in attacks since 346 civilians had lost their in life and 87 8 civilians in injured I turer document stating that they were an immediate ceasefire.


In a written statement made by Huseyin, East Gutai in the face of civilian Binli the last 5 years "so deprived of their most basic human needs" and "brutal shelling" under he stressed that remained stranded.

Just stating that last Monday, 13 hours, 92 civilians were killed Hussein, he announced that they certify that the Assad regime and its allies since late in the East Gutai intense attacks from February 4 that killed a total of 346 civilians in the Council of the UN Human Rights and 878 civilians were wounded.

Hussein, pointing out that there is a complete chaos in the East Gutai, they determine the numbers of dead and wounded has warned that the number may be much more on.

 Emphasis on war crimes

air attacks on residential areas of the majority of civilian deaths are the result of an expression that occurs Hussein reacted to the bombing of the health institutions in need of protection under international law.

Hussein, the Assad regime and its supporters by calling for an immediate ceasefire, underlined the need to urgently evacuate the sick and wounded.

East of human rights violations, war crimes most emphasis will be on Gutai Hussein, the international community was invited to provide the effort required to account for these violations of the problem.

400 thousand civilians under siege

Located in the opposition-controlled live about 400 thousand civilians in eastern Gutai.

East Guta, Astana was declared the agreement to reduce tensions in the region, but Russia has undertaken the Assad regime's guarantor, has intensified its blockade of the territory since April last year and has intensified attacks in recent months.

The deepening humanitarian crisis in the region, hundreds of thousands of patients waiting for emergency evacuation of civilians. Many of these children or patients with advanced cancer. East Gutal has lost a large number of infants and children because of hunger and ilaçsızlık life.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres in a written statement yesterday, noting that the East Gutai 400 thousand exposed to air strikes deeply concerned about the situation of civilians, he stressed that 700 people needed medical evacuation.

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