‘Lost in the 50’s’ Annual Chamber Banquet April 25


Come celebrate the return to the fifties at the Pontotoc Building on Saturday, April 25, when the Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce will hold its annual banquet.  You’ll be treated to a meal, auctions, as well as live entertainment!!

Each year, awards are given to the Business of the Year, Industry of the Year, Community Service and Citizen of the Year. Residents of the twin cities are encouraged to write a letter of nomination explaining why the nominated person deserves the Citizen of the Year award.

Nominations can be sent to The Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 5077, South Fulton, Tenn. 38257, or emailed to twincitieschamber@bellsouth.net and must be received by April 15.

The following criteria should be taken into account when nominations are made:

• Nominees must live in the twin cities and his/her activities should be centered in the twin cities.

• Recognition will be given for leadership and performance for work done above and beyond his/her paid profession.

• The individual recognized does not need to be a member of the Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce.

• There are no requirements or restrictions relating to gender, race, religion or ethnic background.

• The nominee should have participated in a broad scope of activities over the course of more than one year.

• This is not an award for a single activity no matter how well it was executed.

• The award will not be given posthumously.

Tickets will be on sale soon! $20/person  You may also reserve them by calling the chamber office at 731-479-7029 or e-mailing the chamber office:  twincitieschamber@bellsouth.net.  We look forward to your being “Lost in the 50’s!!!”

Robert Lewis

Robert graduated from Brandman University, where he got his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Born in Massachusetts, Robert’s family moved to Kentucky in 2005 where he spent his college life and worked as an insurance agent for four years. Now is the founder and team leader of the website.

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