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New camera-equipped helmets put eyes on your head

Bell is putting eyes in the back of your head. And on the front, top, sides…

The company is introducing a line of motorcycle helmets that come with a built-in 360-degree action camera from 360fly.

The removable sphere-shaped camera fits into a pod integrated into the top of the helmet, eliminating the need for cumbersome accessory mounts. It will shoot both 360-degree 4K quality video and traditional 16x9 footage, and has a battery life of up to two hours. Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS tagging functions are also included.

Along with its video recording functions, the camera will also enable a collision avoidance safety feature that can monitor a rider’s blind spots and alert them to potential obstacles through audible cues.

The camera will be offered on the Bell Star street and Moto 9 Flex off-road helmet, along with the Bell Super 2R for all-terrain cyclists and the Edit ski and snowboard line from Bell’s sister brand Giro.

Prices have not been revealed, but the conventional versions of the helmets range from around $150-$450 and the 360fly 4K alone retails for $500.

Source:   foxnews
Source Link:   foxnews

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