Dentist accused of questioning Latino teen's Stanford acceptance
A Chicago high school student who is headed to Stanford University in a couple of weeks is getting lots of attention for a recent Facebook post.

The student wrote an open letter to a dentist who he says questioned his worthiness for getting into the prestigious school.

Guillermo Camarillo was elated when he got accepted to Stanford University.

"Probably the best thing that has ever happened to me," Camarillo said.

He says a recent trip to the dentist changed that when he explained to the dentist he couldn't get braces because he'd be going far away to attend Stanford University. He says the dentist questioned how he got into Stanford with a lower ACT score than his own daughter.

"The things we say or the way we react to things it could be really hurtful," Camarillo said.

Camarillo shared the experience on Facebook in an open letter saying: "Were you surprised because you had a Stanford student on your chair or because you had a minority, low income student that needed government help to get braces and will be attending Stanford on your chair. I believe it was the latter."

So far, the post has gotten 35,000 likes and has been shared nearly 10,000 times. Despite curious readers, Camarillo said he intentionally is not naming the dentist.

"I didn't do it to get back at him. I did it so people could understand," Camarillo said.
He also does not name the dentist's race.

"I believe that privilege does not have a race. If anything I've had Latinos, African Americans, all types of people tell me the same things that this dentist told me," Camarillo said.

Prior to this experience, Camarillo created a Facebook page called "Millennials of the World" so that other people could share their stories of struggle. "Everyone has their own story and I always tell everyone 'tell your story,"' Camarillo said.

Camarillo isn't sure if the dentist saw his post. Either way, he's headed West.

He signed the letter, "Sincerely, the poor Latino boy that needs government help to get braces, but is still Stanford bound."
Camarillo said he's likely majoring in Engineering.

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